Small beginnings

“Do not despise this small beginning, for the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see the work begin…” Zechariah 4:10 (TLB)

After much debate within myself, and a healthy dose of self-doubt, I’m here – my first blog post. Yes, I hear you whispering “welcome to the 21st century” under your breath! Cut me some slack and go easy on me please.  Its only by God’s grace and INCESSANT nudging that I find myself typing these words, on this platform, tonight.

You see, I’m the kid who always loved words.  I would wait for my mom to get home from work and immediately run to her with the tissue-paper thin order form for Scholastic books I’d received in school.  I would anxiously await the arrival of my order. Couldnt wait to read new stories comprised of…words. I grew to be a woman who was never at a loss for them, written or verbal.  However, always able to express myself, whatever the medium, I shied away from the call of writing for public consumption.

Few times in life have I found myself without a journal. I write to process my observations and experience, for memory, my hopes, my prayers. I write my conversations with the Lord.  It is only recently I realized I was building a catalog, along with my relationship with God, over the decades. I also found, as I shared bits of my experience with people, they were encouraged, uplifted, contemplative. Maybe they saw themselves and knew someone else had the same questions, thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes that’s all you need, to not feel  isolated or alone.

So tonight I take heed to the Spirit and I write. I obey His leading and I share. In doing so, I honor Him with the gift He gave me. And He promises, “…for them that honour me I will honour.” 1 Samuel 2:30



2 thoughts on “Small beginnings”

  1. I AM AMAZED! And very proud of my little sister! Well thought out and written. Conveys what you’re feeling to the reader. I love it!🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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